Introduction to the Owner

Who is Trav?

The owner, Trav(is) Wilson, has years of practical experience in the fields of management, technical support, networking, and computer and electronics training and repair. He has seven years of experience in Training and Quality management in the technical and customer support industry, and has supported varied tech companies including:, ATT Wireless, AOL Canada, and Vonage Canada.  He has an adult education background with experience in designing, writing and delivering training programs to adult learners in a technological field. Full course development for the above companies included technical, sales, billing and customer service skills development for management and support representatives. In addition, he has schooling both in Computer Science and as an electrician.

Trav is patient, professional and knowledgeable. He understands very well that computers and technology can be (at times) frustrating, confusing and intimidating. He knows that everyone learns and absorbs information differently – every person is unique and we all use computers in our own way and for our own individual reasons.

Computers are a tool; they can be fun, satisfying and they can bring us more in touch with others. Trav wants everyone to enjoy and explore the amazing benefits that these new tools can give us.

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He is exactly who you want for help.

On a hobby level, Trav does vintage stereo repair, electro-mechanical pinball machine repair, arcade machine design and construction, and gaming console repair and upgrades. When not online, you will usually find him reading an (e)book or out pedalling on a recumbent bicycle or trike.