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I have been one of the fortunate ones, who has called upon Travis for help with a variety of computer issues from crashes to ‘how to’s,’ to new software installations, to networking issues, to advice about new equipment. In all cases Travis has been responsive, timely in his return calls, (even when he was out of the country), extremely professional, prepared, and importantly for someone who gets easily frustrated with technology, good natured and confident in resolution of the issues. In fact, Travis has never left my house without resolving an issue, no matter how long it took, including rationalizing my TV/cable/DVD set-up all onto one remote!

Travis has an incredible broad base of knowledge, eg., on Mac’s as well as PC’s, and all manner of software even if he personally doesn’t use them. His technical expertise extends not only from software and equipment, but also to how to set them up in a home-based network. He is relentless in his pursuit of solutions and does not give up until he finds the issue and the answer. His ability to source information on-line and to apply it to a problem successfully has amazed me. He can do in 15 minutes what it would take me 3 days to find and understand.

The most impressive thing to me about Travis is that he has an incredible ability to explain how technology works to someone who has little tolerance for it. So not only has he helped me and my husband with technology issues, but he has also explained the nature of how it works in a way that we can understand, thereby building our capacity to figure it out if we forget what he told us! That is quite a valuable skill. There are so many things Travis has taught me that I never knew about how computer systems and programs work. His patience is infinite, he never gets frustrated or annoyed, is always cheerful and yet never patronizing or judgmental—a sign of a great teacher. It leaves me with much less trepidation in upgrading my system/programs knowing I can call on Travis to walk me through it step by step. His advice is solid, balanced and based on my particular needs and never a hard-sell; always with an opportunity to think about it, talk further, consider the options.

I think there is tremendous demand for someone like Travis to function as an independent businessman to assist people in their homes with their computer issues. Given the stunningly rapid pace of change in the industry, I know few people (over 30) who can keep up on their own without help. And good help is hard to find, especially people who will come to adjust, fix, problem-solve, and teach on one’s own system. I literally have a list of people I would like to refer to him who are desperate for the kind of help Travis can offer. There is no question in my mind he could be run off his feet with business, and leave a stream of relieved and grateful customers behind, all of whom will be repeat customers.

My apologies for being so one-sided about Travis and his professional capabilities. I’m afraid I cannot think of a single down side to his becoming an entrepreneur in this field. I can say without reservation he will be successful. He really is that good.



I am glad to provide feedback on the quality of your services with respect to Carole’s and my computers. Your knowledge of both Apple and PC computers was excellent and you always did some research before coming when the problem was difficult or the solution had eluded another service provider. Your work was professional: you were always available within a reasonable time period, arrived promptly, asked for feedback and arranged follow-up as required.

Carole and I have learned a lot from your explanations of what is going on inside our computers and how to prevent or address common problems. Your ability to explain using ordinary language was especially helpful to Carole as she is a relatively new user and I knew nothing about her Snow Leopard system. Your approach to the difficulties with the new Kodak printer was a particularly good example of your problem solving ability. Every reasonable solution was tried before we all decided that the printer’s wireless connections were not robust enough for this home network.

Over the last ten years I have used three other computer service providers. None of them serviced both Mac and PC computers and two are no longer in business. Several households that I know have both Mac and PC machines. There are commercial firms in Halifax and Bridgewater, but they either require that you take your computer to their shop or they charge too much for home service. It seems likely that there will be a strong demand for household computer services, which is very likely to continue or increase with the inflow of retired couples into this area.

Overall, we have been pleased with what we judge to be the best household computer service we have ever had.



I have had a wonderful experience with Trav Wilson and would like to recommend him to anyone with need of computer help.  He came recommended to my by a friend  who said he was so pleasant and knowledgeable, which proved to be true.  He was polite, patient, engaging, explained what he was doing in easy-to-understand terms – not “nerdy” ones and recommended where I could go to get a cable at an inexpensive price as compared to the usual source.

For me, he tracked down a hidden file in my email program that was eating up half of my memory, helped with an external hard drive, organized my photos, gave me some very helpful shortcut hints, etc. – all in all, an excellent experience.

He lives in Branch LaHave with his wife, a nurse.  He has worked in Moncton, Halifax, spent a number of years with AOL Canada, went to Acadia and is originally from this area.

I do not normally email friends to recommend anyone for anything but I do so to introduce Trav – a real find to help you with your technology problems.



Thank you so much for today.  I have already spoken to three people who are going to be calling you.  They all have problems and are going to call you.  You are “user friendly” and you may be able to do a learning session or something for people there.

My husband, Brian, thanks you – his computer is working fabulously!  Talk to you soon I am sure.



Maureen and I are still marvelling at the work you did for us yesterday! We will definitely have you back to assist us with other media programs and future tune ups.