Basic Android Smart TV Box Instructions

Remote Controls


You will require 2 AAA batteries for the small remote.  The keyboard/mouse remote has a built in rechargeable battery. It charges via the small USB port on the top edge with the included cable.  The small USB dongle (located inside the keyboard remote’s battery compartment) must be plugged into the Android Box for the keyboard remote to work.   The keyboard/mouse remote has a power switch that must be turned on to use and turned off when not in use.


The small remote must be pointed directly at the box in order to work. The keyboard/mouse remote uses radio frequencies to communicate and orientation is not important.


Google Play Store


There is a unique a Google account for the Android Box, so you can access the Google Play store and download apps (this is now your email address to use):



Password:  androidm8s

Birthdate:  Jan 1 1980


Connect to Your Home Network


When you first turn on the Android TV Box, you will see the home screen. You must use the remote control and go to the Settings menu (top right of the home screen), then choose the Network tab to set up your home network (internet) connection. You can connect either Wireless or with an Ethernet cable. If it is possible to connect with a cable, this is the preferred connection method and may solve any streaming or playback issues.


Android Apps


On the home screen, there is a row of favorite app icons along the bottom of the screen. The large color box icons: Online Video, My Recommend, Settings, My Apps, Music and Local can be customized with your desired apps , but are not necessary to use. All necessary apps are in the bottom favorite row.




You will need to have a paid subscription to Netflix in order to access content. By default, you will only see Canadian Netflix content. In order to access US or other country content, you will require a paid subscription to a VPN (such as Private Internet Access). PIA can be added as a favorite icon as well and once enabled, Netflix will show US content.


Note: Netflix is cracking down on cross border access and this functionality may stop working in the future.


Note: the keyboard/mouse remote control works best for selection of the menu.



CipherTV2 (IPTV)


The main live TV Android App is CipherTV.  This gives access to quite a few TV channels with a menu guide (much like a regular cable box).  Includes many stations from the west coast. This requires a free subscription and one has been set up with your Goole email account.


Username: Your gmail address above.

Password:  kodiaddons


Channels include:





Global HD





Movie Time



Basic remote buttons: The curved Back button opens up a cable box like Channel Guide that displays what is on. The OK button opens up a number pad and side bar listing of channels.



ShowBox and MegaBox HD


These apps are updated daily with recorded TV and Movie content and are selectable in a format similar to Netflix. The menu in the top left corner of the screen allows you to select either Movies or TV shows.


Note: the larger keyboard/mouse remote control works best for selection.





Kodi contains many different music, TV and movie add-ons.  Click to open Kodi on the Android home screen favorites row.


On the home screen of Kodi there is a horizontal menu bar in the center of the screen with items:  Videos, Music, Programs, Settings.  Use the remote to scroll the bar left to Videos.  A sub menu appears below Videos:  Files and Add-ons.  Additionally there are up to 5 shortcuts to add-ons displayed under the bar (in square boxes).  Video add-ons contain the movie and TV feeds.


Note:  You can exit Kodi and go back to the Android home screen by selecting the power button on the bottom left of the screen (better method) or by hitting the Home button on your remote.


Useful Add-ons include (these are set as Videos shortcuts on the Kodi home screen):


USTVNow – these are live feeds for most of the major US TV channels.  It requires signing up for a free trial and if you want to have access to all the channels, you can purchase a package from their website.  I used the Google Account to register for the free trial.  The free version is only in standard definition SD after a trial time.


It has been around for a few years and is designed for Americans and military living abroad to be able to watch American programming.  It works very well and is likely worth the subscription if you want all the US channels in HD.


There is an included TV guide in the menu and on the website:


The free version includes channels:











The full (paid) version includes channels (in HD):











Animal Planet


Cartoon Network



Comedy Central



Fox News




National Geographic


Spike TV




USA Network


Note: Stream quality can be changed in the Settings. Lower the quality if experiencing streaming issues (buffering).



CanTV Live – these are live feeds for several Canadian TV channels.


Channels include:


Global TV: Halifax, Vancouver and Toronto

CTV: Lethbridge, Edmonton, Yorkton, Regina

Shopping Channel

City TV: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary


CTV News

TSN: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Sportsnet: Ontario, One, World, East, West, 360


Note: Link color indicates if link is up (white), not always on (yellow) or down (red).




Phoenix/1Channel/SportsDevil – these are recorded TV shows, sports and Movies that you can stream to view.  Select a video and then a location to stream from.



There are many other add-ons available if you click on the Add-ons – Video sub-menu (above the square shortcuts).  They will appear in a list and you can select to try any of them.  They vary dramatically is usefulness and content.


To change the Shortcuts on the Kodi home screen:



Note:  The add-ons are definitely a grey area on the Internet.  There is no guarantee that any of them will work one day to the next.