Technical Android TV Box Set Up Instructions

  1. Connect to Internet: Settings à Network tab à Ethernet or WIFI
  2. Show Status Bar: Settings à Display tab à Hide Status Bar: OFF
  3. Update Date and Time: Settings à Date and Time à Select Time Zone
  4. Uninstall Built In Kodi and Showbox (if installed): Settings à Other tab à More Settings à Apps à Kodi à Uninstall
  5. Insert SD Card and Keyboard/Mouse remote dongle.
  6. Create Gmail Email Account (Google Play):
    1. Name: ‘address’
    2. Password: androidm8s
    3. Date of Birth: 01/01/1980
  7. Login, download and install from Google Play Store:
    1. Kodi
    2. CipherTV2 (IPTV)
    3. Private Internet Access
    4. ES File Explorer
  8. Create Cipher TV2 (IPTV) Login. Must do in App. Will send confirmation to gmail account to activate.
  9. Use App Installer to scan SD Card and install MegaBox HD and ShowBox. Note: The APK files must be previously saved to the SD Card. “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources’ must be enabled in Android Settings.
  10. Set up Order of Installed Favorite Apps:
  • Kodi
  • Netflix
  • Cipher TV2 (IPTV)
  • Showbox
  • Megabox HD
  • Private Internet Access?
  • Play Store
  1. Kodi Setup

Start Kodi. Exit using Kodi power button. You must do this in order to use ES File Explorer.

Youtube video: How to restore or update XBMC user data and addons folders

Install ES File Explorer from the Play Store. In ES File Explorer:

Tools à Show Hidden Files

Up to Local à / Device à sdcard à Android à Data à org.xbmc.kodi à files à .kodi à
Note: Copy addons and userdata folders on source setup box. On the new machine: delete the above folders and copy and paste from sdcard1.

Start Kodi and allow time for it to auto update.