iOS 7 Upgrade Facetime Issues Fix

Fix Issues with Facetime and iMessage after upgrading to iOS 7

Easy Stuff to Try

  • Go into settings and reset your date/time. Settings =>  Privacy => System Services => Turn All On
  • Change the DNS settings: settings > wifi > click on wifi network and change the DNS to  Test if working.  Now go back to the WiFi in Settings, and enter the old DNS.
  • Change the phone’s name. eg Sam’s iphone to Sams iphone.
  • Reset Network Settings:  Settings => General => Reset => Reset Network Settings.
  • Reset all settings: Go Settings => General => Reset => Reset All Settings 


Reset FaceTime and iMessage

  • Turn FaceTime or iMessage off and then back on in Settings.
  • Launch Settings by tapping the icon on the Home screen
  • Scroll down to Messages or FaceTime
  • Toggle the switch from on (green) to off (white)
  • Wait a minute
  • Toggle the switch back to on (green)
  • Wait for it to re-activate

Hard reboot your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad:

  • Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi
  • Hold down both the Home button on the front, and the Sleep/Wake button on the top of your device
  • Wait for the Apple logo to appear

If it still doesn’t work, repeat step 1 (turning FaceTime or iMessage off and on)

Sign back in to iMessage or FaceTime:

  • iMessage: Go to Settings > Messages, then tap “Use your Apple ID for iMessage”.
  • FaceTime: Go to Settings > FaceTime, then tap “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime”.


Reset Device and Restore in iTunes (Most likely to work)

  • Connect device in iTunes
  • In the Summary page click on “Back Up Now”

OPTIONAL:  Go Settings => General => Reset => Erase All Content and Settings

  • After the back up click on “Restore iPhone” to download and install a fresh copy of iOS 7.
  • When completed it will ask to “Set up as New or Restore from Backup” pick “Restore from Backup” and choose the fresh backup you just made.

OPTIONAL:  Alternative is to Set up as new phone.  Activate iMessage.  Then restore from Backup.

  • Once the backup is loaded iTunes will sync everything else.