Reset Bookmark Icons in Safari

August 2012

There is a glitch in Safari, that will occasionally delete all the icons saved in your Bookmarked websites.

  • The easiest way to fix this is to open Safari, and click on the Safari drop down menu at the top of the screen.
  • Select “Reset Safari…“.
  • Only put a checkmark beside the option “Remove All Website Icons“.
  • Click Reset.

Note:  If the above steps did not work, you can alternatively, close Safari and using Finder, navigate to your home directory and to ~/Library/Safari/Icons.  Here you will find a file titled favicon.ico (or depending on version of Safari) webpageicons.db.  Move this file to the trash.

Note:  To find your user library folder in OS X Lion, go to the Finder and click Shift-Command-G to bring up the Go to Folder action. In the resulting Finder window is a search box under Go to the folder:  Type: ~/Library/  and click Go.

  • Now select “Show All Bookmarks” from the Bookmarks drop down menu at the top of Safari.
  • On the Left Pane under Collections, right-click on “Bookmarks Bar” and select “Open in Tabs“.

Note:  This can be a time consuming and system intensive process if you have many bookmarked websites.The ‘Show all Bookmarks’ command will literally do just that… open every bookmark in an individual tab.  Allow it 10 minutes or so to load all the pages.

  • You can close Safari when this is complete.

This should force Safari to reload all the icons for your Bookmarked pages.