Set Up RSS Feeds in uTorrent

UPDATE:  December 2013

This is used to automate downloading TV shows.  Just leave your computer on and running uTorrent and new episodes of the television shows in your list will be downloaded as soon as they are posted online.  Great for Cord-cutters!

• Install uTorrent. Set up default download directory and options as appropriate.
• Open in a web browser.
◦ Click on ‘Feeds’ link on the top.
◦ Select the name of the TV show in the ‘Feed For A Show’ box and click the ‘Get The Public Feed Address’ button.
◦ The RSS feed information for this TV show is displayed. Copy the RSS feed address.
• In uTorrent, right click on ‘Feeds’ (in the left window directory list).
• Select ‘Add RSS Feed…’ from the pop-up context menu.  Select ‘Edit RSS Feed…’ to update the feed with new information
• Paste the copied RSS feed address into the ‘Feed URL:’ box.
• Check the ‘Custom Alias’ box and enter the name of the TV show.
• Select ‘Automatically download all items published in feed’ and check the ‘Use smart episode filter’ box.
• Click the OK button. The feed should now be listed under ‘Feeds’ in uTorrent, and will update automatically when a new episode is aired. You can click on the TV show name displayed and manually select episodes to download.
• Repeat to add more TV shows.