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As way of introduction, I’m a lifelong audio enthusiast with a preference for vintage retro-cool aesthetic (hooray for the resurgence of VU meters and tubes) and things made from traditional wood, leather, steel and glass materials. The allure of tube amplification has recently pulled me in (I’m afraid with no escape). Fittingly, Grado’s were my introduction into the world of audiophile personal audio, and I’ve gone through many headphones, amplifiers, and accessories in that never-ending (but oh-so-fun) quest for learning what I like.

As you may know, I am part of the team that runs the Headphone Amplifiers group on Facebook (www.facebook.com/groups/HeadphoneAmplifiers/) and I am responsible for the reviews section of the group. We currently have several thousand members and the group keeps steadily growing. We discuss and review all aspects of personal audio products including accessories, cables, DACs, amplifiers and of course, headphones themselves. I invite you to join us and check out the reviews in the files section of the group and to take part in the discussions you will find.

In general, our Facebook group is a remarkably reasonable community, in a medium that isn’t always so positive and helpful. Certainly, there are a lot of interested owners there, and as a demographic, I would generalize the active participants as enthusiasts with an above average budget: tending to own several high-end pairs of headphones, amplifiers, cables, etc. The discussion appears to drive purchases, and there is a constant stream of members looking for advice and guidance in buying decisions from those with more experience. From personal experience, I have learned much, and have made purchases based on recommendations from trusted members.

Reviews will be featured in the Headphone Amplifier group’s main feed for discussion and also be stored in our files section as a permanent repository. Beyond our group, I will share reviews in the other major headphone communities that I participate in (Head-Fi, Reddit /r/headphones, etc) and post the review here on PowerChord Reviews.



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